Porter Lori is an accomplished multi-talented Creator, Producer and Artist with over 20yrs experience in television, music and branding. 

Born in Louisville Kentucky, raised in Denver Colorado, and professionally/artistically cultivated in Los Angeles, Porter has made it his mission to tell the stories that need and want to be told. Whether audio supervising/story producing for television, Managing creative teams, designing and marketing his own line of jewelry, building Denvers first social media production company, or continuing his creative line of contemporary art figurines "The GahGoonz"... Porter's drive and creativity keep him busy. 

Porter left Denver Colorado in 1999 to begin his professional life in the business of entertainment. Having no experience or personal contacts it was up to him to make something out of nothing, and he did. During the course of Porters first TV show he went from production assistant to writing and hosting his own segments in a matter of 2 seasons, from there he set out to make his mark. Working on well over 300 projects with some of the biggest names in Hollywood he's embraced every step and each new endeavor as a challenge and opportunity to grow personally and professionally. 

Porter prides himself on his dedication to the creative process and the energy he injects into every project.