Porter Lori isn’t an artist people just “follow.” Porter is an artist people invest time into and entrust with their hearts because he shares so much of his own. His stories expose a man’s life haunted by moments of struggle and self-discovery. And in the next breath he vividly paints with the colors of love and hope from an incredibly intimate point of view.  Porter’s roots and sound are as complex as the world that created him. 

A bi-racial child born to a single mother, Porter has made his life journey and his art one singular stream. He is are markably unique mashed-up product of Louisville Kentucky, Denver Colorado; and Los Angeles.  The sounds of his music are southern rural, big sky lonely, concrete urban and at times painfully romantic.

Porter’s musical education was a purely catch-as-catch-can experience. Classics from Motown filled his
home while the sounds of the Steve Miller Band and The Police sounded off while he sat watching his mother clean offices at night as her second job. During summers he went to visit his aunt and father and it was there in the hills of Cumberland Kentucky where he discovered bluegrass and country. 

As a teenager Porter dropped out of a violent high school and dove head first into Denver’s hip-hop, graffiti and skateboarding scene. Those years where filled with music, travel and discovery, but it wasn’t always good.
After years of running the streets, he eventually found himself in jail more than a few times. Porter’s troubles kept growing and it wasn’t until a close friend went away to prison for murder that he knew it was time for a change. He followed a long-time relationship to Los Angeles for anew start, but he soon found himself alone and divorced. 

It was in an empty downtown LosAngeles loft where he spent years writing and developing the songs about his life, taking all his experiences and combining them into his own unique sound. His own voice. His own story. Porter Lori is the new story of Americana Soul.